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My Daughter Absolutely Loves This School
My daughter and step daughter go here. My daughter is full time and she absolutely loves this school. Her teachers are amazing. She has only been enrolled here for about 5 months but has already learned and has advanced so much! They have worked well with our schedule for my step daughter as we only have her a few full weeks out of the year. They have been flexible and treat her as if she's a regular, full time student each time we have brought her. (Hoping we will be able to bring her more very soon) both of my girls love being here and love everything about this school. Happy Mom!
Marian Perrett
Many Positive Experiences!
My son has attended this school for a while now and we have had many positive experiences that I would like to share. All the teachers he has had in his class room have been very kind. When I come pick him up they always tell me how his day went or write me a note on his daily report sheet. When you walk through the school and see other teachers and helpers they always say hi and are friendly to my son and me. We also had a recent occurrence where my son broke out in an unexpected allergic reaction. His teacher immediately helped him and treated it like an emergency situation. Everything ended up being fine but I appreciated how they acted for my son. They make me feel comfortable for my son to be in their care while we are at work. The teachers have always listened to me and any concerns I have had and acted appropriately to make sure my son was cared for. I do also go a step further with the teachers and engage them in conversation about their day as well. It's about respect. I respect that they are caring for my son so well while I'm at work and can do my job without worrying about his care.
Amber Koons
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